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Shamballa Jewels

10mm Lock Bracelet

10mm Lock Bracelet

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10mm Lock Bracelet, 18K Rose Gold with White Diamond, Ruby, Matte Black Ceramic on Charcoal Cord, Size X-Large

  • Size: Extra Large
  • Handmade in Denmark

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Shamballa Jewels

Founded in 2005 by Mads and Mikkel Kornerup, Shamballa Jewels was born out of a desire to create fine jewelry that is more than just precious materials. Originally designed for men, the brand continues to challenge the norm within the industry. Named after the mythical Himalayan kingdom of Shamballa, Shamballa Jewels is an intriguing union between Ancient Eastern philosophy and Nordic design traditions. The highly customizable jewelry features 18k gold, rare precious and semi precious stone beads, innovative materials including carbon fiber and ceramic in orb shapes and proprietary lock beads gives collectors the unique opportunity to create a personal treasure representing the values and memories that they cherish the most. Explore the energy of creation with Shamballa. Find yourself unique designer jewelry from luxury designers at The Loupe.

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