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Luis Morais

Gold and Crystal with Tucum Bead Necklace

Gold and Crystal with Tucum Bead Necklace

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18K Yellow Gold Caps with Crystal Pendant with Tucum Beads on Delicate Chain Necklace - 30" 

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Luis Morais

Brazilian-born Luis Morais has designed jewelry for the past two decades. It all started in Miami Beach where Luis recreated a bracelet from an image in a magazine. Immediately, this garnered the interest and attention of many people in the business, sparking the eyes of those around him. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings, Luis creates jewelry from various luxurious elements and materials- diamonds, golds, gems, leather, exotic skins. His pieces nod at religious, cultural, natural, and historical references, creating engaging juxtapositions that tie the old to the new, the light to the dark, the provocative and the playful.

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