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Caroline Ellen

Wide Engraved "Love Me" Band

Wide Engraved "Love Me" Band

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The Caroline Ellen wide band, engraved with "Love me, it is to your advantage," is a bold testament to self-assurance and the enriching power of love. This beautifully crafted band, with its confident inscription, speaks to the unique joy and benefits one brings to a relationship. Wearing this ring feels like a powerful affirmation of your worth, a reminder of the profound love and happiness you offer to those who embrace you.

  • 20K Yellow Gold
  • Handmade in New York

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Caroline Ellen

New York City based designer Caroline Ellen’s design philosophy is “to find beauty in simplicity.” She finds this through the use of luxurious materials as well as the high quality of her craftsmanship, learned through her study of classical goldsmithing techniques. Her formal training and her exposure to ancient pieces of jewelry results in collections that are as much works of art as they are luxuriously-classic and sophisticated pieces of jewelry. Finding it an honor to work with high karat gold; she develops custom alloys of 20k and 22k gold and uses semi-precious and precious stones. Each piece of her extensive collection is handmade and hand finished in her studio in New York. Caroline’s exceptional technique testifies to the exclusive quality of her work.

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