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The Inspiration Behind Sylva & Cie Jewelry

About Sylva & Cie

With over 20 years of experience crafting custom jewelry for clients, LA-based jewelry designer Sylva Yepremian, founder and creative director of Sylva & Cie., has an unparalleled understanding of what it means to wear jewelry as part of your personal story. Each piece she designs is handmade, meaning that any piece of Sylva & Cie jewelry is unique — no two are identical.

Sylva's passion for art, language, and travel inspires her unique designs, which have been featured in magazines such as Town & Country, Vogue, and O The Magazine.

Her Style & Inspiration

Born in Lebanon and the daughter of a Paris-based master bench jeweler, Sylva is known for her use of interesting materials and unique combinations of diamonds, colored gemstones, and antique metals. Each piece of jewelry that leaves her Downtown LA workshop is one-of-a-kind, produced by a team of master metalworkers and overseen by Sylva.

Sylva & Cie jewelry focuses on using vintage elements in her stunning pieces, including things like 19th-century lockets, hand-carved pendants, and other unique items she finds at estate sales and auctions — all integrated into modern, wearable designs.

Behind the Ten Table Collection 

The name "Ten Table" is a cheeky way of telling how far away the sparkle can be seen from one of these impeccable, one-of-a-kind pieces. You can see them from ten tables away. Whether you choose a ring, a pendant, a bracelet, or any other of the unique and hard-to-ignore options from this resplendent line, heads will turn.

Ten Table Ring with Denim Hued Spinel

ten table ring with denim hued spinel

Boasting 18K yellow gold, oxidized sterling silver, and denim-hued spinel of 3.26 cts, this ring is a conversation starter, to say the least. Classic yet modern, this timeless piece is a perfect example of the masterful work coming out of Sylva & Cie.

Ten Table Heart Pendant

ten table pendant necklace

If a necklace or pendant is more your style, or if you can't get enough of Sylva & Cie and want to wear more than one of these exemplary pieces, this is a great option. Crafted with 18K gold and oxidized sterling silver, the Ten Table Heart Pendant will catch eyes from across the room with .92cts of grey diamonds set in the simple heart shape.

Behind the Link Collection

A chain is both simple and complex at the same time, a singular piece comprised of dozens of individual pieces that flow together seamlessly. The Link Collection by Sylva & Cie is a compelling collection of distinct chains that can be worn alone or together. As usual, each of these pieces is unique, with subtle and organic differences that are worth a second (or third) look.

Diamond Link Chain Necklace

diamond link chain necklace

This 18K yellow gold chain features a repeating pattern of larger links, a number of which boast smaller loops with inlays of brilliant round diamonds totaling 1.20 cts. At 20" long, this is a versatile piece that is sure to turn heads as the different materials catch the light.

Rose Gold Link Necklace

rose gold link chain necklace

At first glance, this 18" necklace of 14K rose gold is a uniform piece, but upon closer inspection, you will see that there is a graduated section that adds an interesting element to this gorgeous, hand-crafted piece of jewelry. For a special necklace that is both understated and elegant with subtle details, this is one worth considering.

Platinite and Gold Link Chain Necklace

platinite and gold link necklace

In keeping with this collection's homage to the simplicity and elegance of a masterfully-crafted chain, this piece features platinite links tastefully embellished with a series of 18K yellow gold links at the forefront, and a beautifully-crafted clasp to bring it all together.

About the Mosaic Collection

A mosaic is an art form that goes back thousands of years, but nothing about Sylva & Cie's Mosaic collection looks dated; in fact, this timeless collection pays respect to this classic technique through stunning gem cuts and intricate inlays that make each of these unique pieces a coveted addition to a collection.

Each piece in the mosaic collection features precision-cut diamonds in Art Deco-inspired settings but is updated for a contemporary scale.

Mosaic Diamond Earrings

mosaic diamond earrings

One quick look at the diamonds (1.60 cts) set in these 18K white gold inlays and you can see where the name "Mosaic" comes from. The intricate cuts on these diamonds are as eye-catching as they are masterfully-crafted, and are equally appropriate on the red carpet or an intimate dinner with a few close friends.

Mirage Necklace

mirage necklace

There is nothing imaginary about this Mirage necklace, with a .67ct Mosaic Diamond centerpiece encrusted with .23 cts of Round Brilliant Diamonds, all expertly hung from an 18.25" 18K white gold chain. This unique piece of jewelry is sure to be a cherished heirloom piece.

About the Spiral Collection

By integrating the elegance of a spiral curve into her work, Sylva presents a collection that features the organic brilliance of this winding shape paired with elegant gems, impeccably-crafted metal, and gorgeous inlays. The spiral collection highlights the beauty of negative space and fluidity as the settings draw the eye towards bold center stones.

Spiral Diamond Ring

spiral diamond ring

Blending elements from the Mosaic and Spiral collections, this unique ring features a .61 ct mosaic diamond inlaid in a spiral 18K yellow gold ring, and is a testament to Sylva & Cie's masterful vision and execution of one-of-a-kind jewelry. This ring is a perfect addition to pair with your other Sylva & Cie pieces, but it can also stand on its own as the centerpiece of any ensemble.

Stacked Spiral Diamond Ring

stacked spiral diamond ring

This ring gives the appearance of stacked, individual rings, but on closer look, this is a single piece. The 1.65 cts of French-cut diamonds sit alongside a separate band of single-cut diamonds (.03 cts), joined by a solid band of 18K yellow gold that spirals throughout the piece. This is a great example of Sylva's masterful blending of classic elegance and a creative approach to shapes and materials.

Blue Topaz Spiral Ring

blue topaz ring

This ring also gives the impression of being stacked, but a cushion cut 9.95 ct blue topaz makes it clear that each of the underlying rings is a continuous piece. The main structure of the ring is made of 18K yellow gold and alternates between 3 smooth gold bands and two bands inlaid with .15 cts of diamonds.

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