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Sylva & Cie
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Sylva & Cie
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Sylva & Cie
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Sylva & Cie
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Sylva + Cie

Sylva Yepremian is an artisan jewelry designer with over twenty years of experience. Sylva draws reference from multiple worlds: an affinity for antique jewelry, admiration of Art Deco, and a holistic connection to nature. These disparate influences bring life to her balanced and contemporary old-world vision. Sylva’s particular fascination with molten metals and colorful antique jewels goes far past the aesthetic. She often recycles old stones to repurpose and re-engage them in new settings and designs. Her respect for the unrefined and organic beginnings of every element makes her pieces stand-out in the world of highly-refined jewelry collections. Every component that comprises each piece is meticulously handcrafted in Los Angeles, achieving a special one-of-a-kind quality. The designer jewelry brands featured at The Loupe are one of a kind.