The Loupe Reimagined: Luxury & Designer Jewelry Destination in Minneapolis

The Loupe Reimagined: Luxury & Designer Jewelry Destination in Minneapolis

The Loupe Reimagined: Discover the Luxury and Designer Jewelry Destination in Minneapolis

If you didn't already know, The Loupe is one of Minneapolis’ best-kept secrets. Located in the sophisticated MartinPatrick3 fashion complex in downtown Minneapolis' North Loop neighborhood, The Loupe has been furnishing some of the city’s most fashionable denizens with chic, luxury men's and women’s designer jewelry. The Loupe’s fashion curators have widened their sphere of influence, and lucky residents of Minneapolis and beyond are the beneficiaries. 

The Loupe Reimagined

Many Minneapolis locals may be unaware of the storied history of The Loupe. Three years ago, founders of The Loupe, Kiki and Dee, partnered with JB Hudson to bring high-end jewelry items to the JBH collection. The intent of The Loupe started with JBH, but really had its own point of view that was otherwise not expressed in Minneapolis before.  

Now, Kiki and Dee, have taken on a new adventure: creating a fully immersive experience for their loyal clients with accents of elegance, and, of course, artistry. 

The once exclusive designer shopping playground of Minneapolis luxury jewelry hunters will be open to a broader swath of the public for a world-class unveiling. Clients can still view and try on incredible designer jewelry in our space, but now we are pleased to offer luxury services like private appointment shopping, in-home appointments, and personal styling. All of the great items and services that were once the sole purview of a meticulously maintained client list will be offered at The Loupe.

We will be expanding our featured designers to deliver even more luxury jewelry options and collections to our clients. 

(Re)Launch Event: The Rule of Thirds

This is a third-year renaissance, which is why we established the Rule of Thirds for this celebration. In addition to it being our third orbit around the sun as a player in the Minneapolis fashion scene, we are hosting three separate trunk events:

  • Contemporary: Nancy Newberg Jewelry
  • Designer: Sylva & Cie
  • Men’s: Shamballa Jewels

This event encompasses three packed weekends that will feature all of what has made The Loupe one of the region's destinations for fine designer jewelry. 

Even though The Loupe is celebrating their third year in business, this is its first year outside the auspices of JB Hudson. The Loupe wants to celebrate their latest venture by throwing its doors open to the public on October 7th and 8th for an unparalleled fine jewelry event. Come out with your fellow collectors and discover the unique finds that only The Loupe is offering. The Loupe has been the most exclusive jewelry provider in the Twin Cities for three years, and you’re invited to the celebration. 

The Loupe’s Allstar Designer Lineup

Imagine entering an emporium where every piece of high-end jewelry you see is the work of a renowned designer. Never before seen in Minneapolis, The Loupe is excited to be the official showcase of true visionaries in the fashion jewelry industry:


















The Loupe is constantly vetting emerging talent and refreshing its collections, so our clients will have a different experience on every visit. 

About The Loupe and Its Owners

Kiki McMillan and Dee Hewitt are the founders of The Loupe

Kiki emerged from an advanced education that combined Art History, Sculptural Ceramics, Gemology, Jewelry Design, and CAD/CAM. With a fascination for how things are made and an eye for 3-D design, she began her professional experience working for a luxury jewelry designer based in the Soho neighborhood of New York City.

With an education in fashion merchandising, Dee’s professional background includes 20+ years in the Luxury industry as a fashion stylist and a fine and designer jewelry buyer, seller, and merchandiser. She is a West Coast jewelry retail expert located in Los Angeles, CA. She share’s Kiki’s fascination with design, craft, materials, and storytelling.

Identifying Minneapolis as the exact type of fashion-forward environment that demanded designer jewelry collections, the two began dreaming up their vision for the brand and fostering their relationships with the jewelry designers who they were proud to partner with. Now, The Loupe is known for hosting some of the most exclusive jewelry trunk shows and pop-up events, not just in the Midwest, but in the country. These fashion pioneers are proud of the way they are enhancing the retail landscape in the Twin Cities

Twin Cities and created something new, innovative, avant-garde, and elegant, and they’re excited to share — or reintroduce — this phenomenon to discerning Minneapolis shoppers.

Kiki, based on the East Coast in New York City, and Dee, based on the West Coast in Los Angeles, both have professional experience in the luxury jewelry world with a combined passion for fashion and art. Together they thoughtfully curate the collections at The Loupe with a trained eye, bringing the best of each coast to the Midwest.

What You Can Expect From The New Loupe

If you are one of The Loupe’s many valued clients, you’ve already come to appreciate the singular experience that the boutique offers. Boutique Director Laura Guth and Sales Professional Megan Timmer are highly skilled specialists and authorities in designer jewelry, fashion, and styling. Together, The Loupe Team will continue feeding the North Loop with an endless array of luxury jewelry pieces for our discriminating clients while hosting some of the trendiest fashion trunks that this region has ever seen. Please join us on October 7th and 8th in celebrating our third year in existence and as we unveil to the world the ways in which we’ve reinvented ourselves.

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