Irene Neuwirth Spring 2024 Lookbook

Irene Neuwirth jewelry is devoted to creating original fine jewelry with imagination and heart. Irene’s world is one of free-spirited beauty where natural wonders come alive in kaleidoscopic color.

Based in Los Angeles, Irene’s love affair with art and color was sparked at an early age by her bohemian painter mother, while her business-minded father taught her the principles of entrepreneurship. She began experimenting with jewelry design after college, stringing glass beads, mixing precious and semiprecious stones together without pretense or plan. Soon, she found herself inundated with requests for her one-of-a-kind pieces. In 2003, with business partner Tracy Stoll, Irene Neuwirth Jewelry was born.

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Gemmy Gem Tourmaline Earrings $18,840

Classic Tourmaline Necklace $22,840

One-of-a-kind Gemmy Gem Tourmaline Earrings $33,900

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Gemmy Gem Beryl Ring $7,110

Tropical Flower Chrysoprase & Tourmaline Pendant $16,640

Gemmy Gem Sphene Ring $5,810

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Gemmy Gem Fire Opal Earrings $7,190

Gemmy Gem Fire Opal Bracelet $27,940

Tropical Flower Garnet & Tourmaline Earrings $8,290

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Gemmy Gem Beryl & Morganite Earrings $7,960

Gemmy Gem Tourmaline Bracelet $20,460

Gemmy Gem Tourmaline Earrings $7,990

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Gemmy Gem Aquamarine Earrings $18,160

Tropical Flower Aquamarine Ring $10,280

Gemmy Gem Aquamarine Pendant $33,540

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Turquoise Tassel Earrings $7,550

Beaded Turquoise Necklace $7,960

Gemmy Gem Turquoise Ring $9,460

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Gemmy Gem Tanzanite Ring $7,000

Tropical Flower Lapis & Sapphire Necklace $30,300

Gumball Tanzanite & Lapis Earrings $9,370

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Gemmy Gem Kunzite Ring $8,250

Gemmy Gem Tourmaline & Sapphire Earrings $30,420

Gemmy Gem Kunzite Necklace $18,280

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Gemmy Gem Rubellite & Emerald Ring $10,320

Gemmy Gem Tourmaline Necklace $32,980

Gemmy Gem Rubellite Earrings $44,240

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Opal Ring $9,220

Tropical Flower Opal Necklace $19,040

Opal Huggies $67,580

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Gemmy Gem Tourmaline Ring $10,640

Tropical Flower Tourmaline Earrings $19,480

Tropical Flower Tourmaline Ring $13,460

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