Nature Inspired Jewelry Trends - Silvia Furmanovich Jewelry You Need in Your Collection

Nature Inspired Jewelry Trends - Silvia Furmanovich Jewelry You Need in Your Collection

Nature Inspired Jewelry Trends by Silvia Furmanovich 

We can all agree that nature is absolutely stunning. The colors, the shapes, the way everything fits together so perfectly – it's no wonder that so many people are inspired by nature when it comes to their jewelry collections. And this season, we're seeing a lot of nature-inspired jewelry trends that are simply too gorgeous to resist.

Silvia Furmanovich is a visionary Brazilian jewelry designer who takes a lot of her inspiration from nature. She often uses colorful gemstones, natural materials, and organic shapes in her designs, which results in some truly stunning pieces. The name Silvia Furmanovich is synonymous with nature-inspired wearable works of art, and if you are interested in filling out your collection with this genre, she's a designer who deserves serious consideration.

woman wearing Silvia Furmanovich necklace

About Silvia Furmanovich

Silvia Furmanovich's jewelry creates a statement that is both modern and timeless. and they have a true one-of-a-kind look.

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Silvia is from a lineage of master craftspeople. Her great-grandfather created adornments for the Vatican, and her father was a goldsmith. From an early age, she was fascinated by the resplendent natural beauty of her country. Her nature-inspired pieces have won the coveted Couture Design Award three times; in 2015, 2016, and 2019 in the 'Innovation' category.

While awards certainly lend Silvia Furmanovich cachet, one look at her work makes it clear that she has transcended any need for validation.

With a strong focus on design and an unwavering commitment to quality, Silvia Furmanovich has become one of the most sought-after jewelers in the world. Her pieces have been worn by celebrities such as Beyoncé, Blake Lively, and Olivia Palermo and are regularly featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and InStyle.

woman wearing Silvia Furmanovich earrings

Inspired by Travel and Nature

What makes Furmanovich's work so appealing is, for many, her admiration for the natural world and the designs she incorporates into her collections.

Furmanovich told the New York Times in an interview: "The Amazon forest is such a powerful place... We have the colors, the flowers, the birds: a diversity in nature that is unparalleled. It's great to be able to show the best of our country in terms of nature, materials, and craft." She has taken nature to be her muse and incorporates its beauty into all that she creates. This can be seen throughout her work, from the way she uses color to her choice of materials.

It's this combination of a strong design aesthetic with a reverence for nature that makes Silvia Furmanovich's jewelry so special.

Marquetry Technique

One of the things that makes Silvia Furmanovich's jewelry so unique is her use of marquetry. Marquetry is a technique where pieces of hand-cut wood veneer that have been reclaimed, making the process sustainable, are assembled to create patterns and images. This skill is often used in fine furniture making, but Silvia Furmanovich has adapted it for use in her fine jewelry and home collections.

She often combines these meticulous innovations with brightly colored precious stones to create bold, eye-catching designs. This gives her jewelry a very distinctive look that is sure to turn heads.

Using Natural Materials in Jewelry

Another thing that sets Silvia Furmanovich's jewelry apart is her utilization of natural materials. She often uses wood from the Amazonian rainforest in her designs, as well as a variety of precious and semi-precious stones. This gives her jewelry an organic look that is truly unique.

In some of her collections, she uses bamboo and elevates the material to a level of fine art. The result is jewelry that is both beautiful and environmentally sustainable and is one of the countless examples where Furmanovich's worship of the natural world and its materials shine through in high art.

Nature Inspired Motifs

Many artists find that when they look to nature, they are able to find inspiration for their work. Silvia Furmanovich is no different. She often looks to the natural world for inspiration when designing her jewelry.


One of our favorite nature-inspired jewelry trends that we're seeing this season is delicate flower pendants. These trendy pendants are the perfect way to add a touch of femininity to any outfit, and they look especially lovely when worn with a flowy dress. Take a look at a few of the masterful designs brought to you by Silvia Furmanovich.

Obi Pieces

Silvia's Obi Pattern Drop Earrings are a perfect example of this trend done right. They are adorned with beautiful hand-painted flowers, .38 cts of light brown diamonds, 8.43 cts of Prasiolite, and the overall design is a gorgeous take on a classic styling. The Obi style is also available in a clutch that can complete any look.

Green Orchid Pieces

Furmanovich's green orchid patterns are equally stunning, available on her box, clutch, or earrings. The earrings come adorned with 18K yellow gold, diamonds, Peridot, and Tsavorite. Each of these pieces seamlessly integrates the beautiful stylings of nature into a classical design, something that Furmanovich does so well, and the marquetry in both the clutch and box are the hallmarks of a master.

Waterlily and Bamboo Earrings

If you want more of the masterful marquetry on display in Furmanovich's orchid pieces, take a look at these stunning water lily earrings with 18K gold, 1.15 ct light brown diamonds, and golden pearls. The bamboo earrings are also a stunning option, with 18K yellow gold and brown pearl design.


If you want jewelry that pays homage to the animal kingdom, Furmanovich's butterfly-themed pieces are some of the most beautiful we've seen.

Butterfly Earrings

With 18K gold marquetry set with .09 ct diamonds and .72 ct sapphires, the butterfly earrings are a work of art that will stand out no matter where you are.


The celestial sky is another one of Furmanovich's muses, and she has created some truly stunning pieces inspired by the stars. The Loupe curates several of these masterful pieces and always find it gratifying when a patron makes one of them a part of their personal collection. To view them in person, simply submit an inquiry. Take a look at a few of the options below.


The marquetry on Furmanovich's celestial box is something to behold. Acquire it and experience the delight of acquiring an item with true intrinsic value.

Orange Cloud Earrings

With 18K gold, set with .08 ct diamonds and 3.63 ct fire opals, these earrings will set your heart ablaze. With anything Furmanovich produces, the level of detail and thought that goes into each piece is astounding, and these earrings are no exception.


Mushrooms are, in many ways, some of the most mysterious organisms on the planet. They play a vital role in the ecosystem but are often misunderstood and overshadowed by other, more glamorous members of the natural world. Furmanovich's mushroom-inspired pieces are a beautiful ode to these often overlooked organisms, and we're thrilled to offer several of her designs in our showroom.

These patterned earrings, complete with 18K gold, brown diamonds, and blue topaz, highlight the subtle yet stunning beauty of the fungal kingdom in a way that is sure to enchant anyone who sees them.

Silvia Furmanovich At Home

The same level of detail that goes into Silvia's jewelry designs can be found in these stunning boxes. They're certain to become cherished family heirlooms.

The Carp Collection

Furmanovich's take on the humble carp is on full display in her hand mirror, clutch, and jewelry box, which together make up the Carp collection. The pieces are united by their beautiful marquetry, traditional colorations, and impeccable detail that we love so much in all of her work.

Moye tray

Last but certainly not least is this collaborative piece between Moye and Silvia Furmanovich. The tray features Moye's Mangle pattern, blended seamlessly with Furmanovich's distinctive attention to subtle detail and praise of all things natural.

Purchase Your Own Silvia Furmanovich Piece

If you're interested in adding a Silvia Furmanovich piece (or two, or three!) to your collection, the Loupe is here to help. We offer a wide variety of her work, and our stylists would gladly assist you in selecting the perfect piece. Simply submit an inquiry, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, be sure to explore our website to learn more about Silvia Furmanovich and other incredible jewelry designers we work with. We also offer a wide range of resources, including interviews, guides, and trend reports, that are sure to keep you inspired and informed about all things jewelry.

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