Woman wearing the layered necklace trend with two gold pendant necklaces

How to Layer Necklaces Like a Fashion Stylist

There’s a certain pleasure in sitting out a trend, but you don’t want to miss out on layered necklaces. If you love the effortless style and sophisticated glamour, you can elevate your wardrobe by layering necklaces like a fashion stylist.

At The Loupe, we think the layered necklace trend can look refined with the right mix of luxury pieces. That’s why we encourage our clients to use this trend to express their own personal identity and bold style. Each time you stack the necklaces from your personal jewelry collection, you create a unique look that feels new and fresh. Layered necklaces can even feel like a single cohesive luxury piece when done well.

Creating the perfect necklace stack, however, does take some effort. We’ve got you covered with stacked necklace inspiration and stylist-approved tips on how to layer necklaces for an effortless look.

Trend Watch: Layered Necklaces

A-listers and tastemakers everywhere have been donning this look. Rihanna, J. Lo, and even Justin Bieber are reported fans of the trend.

The neckline stack has been going strong for several years and shows no signs of stopping in 2022. It makes sense that people are drawn to this versatile look. You can wear a layered necklace to any upscale event. For a casual and effortless look for beach lounging, you can effortlessly pair stacked necklaces to complement your resort wear. Seamlessly pivot to evening wear by pairing the necklaces with a designer gown with a plunging neckline. Gigi Hadid and Sarah Jessica Parker have both been spotted wearing similar looks on the red carpet.

What’s great about this trend is that it’s a fun way to interact with your necklaces, and it keeps the pieces in your personal collection feeling fresh. When you stack them, they become something new and refreshed.

Layered Necklace Looks

Gold pendant necklace displayed on a white table

There are so many ways to wear this trend. From a simple two-chain stack to stacking in multiples, we’ve gathered some of the most popular ways to wear this trend.

  • Make a Statement: Add in an unexpected statement necklace to create a more interesting style.
  • Chains on Chains: Mix and match chain-link necklaces of different thicknesses and lengths and metals to create contrast.
  • Chunky Pendants: Add a pendant necklace to your stack or layer pendants of different lengths.
  • Delicate and Dainty: Simple, dainty chains and other delicate necklaces of varying lengths offer a subtler take on this trend.
  • Be Charmed: Try out the charm necklace trend in your stack.

3 Tips from Our Jewelry Stylists on How to Layer Necklaces

Woman wearing two gold pendant necklaces and a black button down shirt

We’ve got the accessory-layering techniques to ensure that you look like a fashion aficionado.

1. Mix Textures, Thicknesses, and Lengths

This accessory trend combines varied and multiple necklaces to create dimension and depth. It’s best to use a medley of necklaces of differing lengths and materials to create contrast and prevent strands from getting tangled.

2. Create Balance

Stacking necklaces is all about creating contrast, but balance matters, too. Each individual piece must complement the others and contribute to a cohesive, harmonious look. It’s important not to overdo it or create a contrast that’s too harsh. If you pile on the chunky necklaces, aim for a simple outfit like a t-shirt, your favorite denim, and an oversized blazer.

3. Bring in Color

There’s no need to limit yourself to gold, silver, and metals. You can add a pop of color to your neckline. Pearls, colored stones, and other vibrant materials can fit into your layered necklace look. Pair a colorful piece with necklaces in more muted tones, and keep your outfit low-key. For example, when Justin Bieber wore a colorful, kitschy charm necklace, he paired it with a sleek Saint Laurent black suit.

Stack It Up: Layering Necklaces from Artisanal Designers

Close up of diamond tennis necklace laid out on a table

We’ve gathered a few designer pieces to inspire you and help you develop your own layered necklace style.

Anita Ko Zoe Necklace

Edgy glamour is achievable with this chunky 18K yellow gold choker. We love this choker mixed with a thinner diamond choker and dainty gold chains adorned with hanging pendants and coins. The understated elegance of Anita Ko's jewelry is befitting of this trend. 

Caroline Ellen Charm Necklace with Star Set Oval Pendant, Engraved ‘X’ and Emerald Cluster

Get in on the charm necklace trend with this stunning piece by Caroline Ellen. If you want to incorporate more playful elements into your stack, this is the necklace for you. Emeralds add a pop of color, and the contrasting shapes of the pendants contribute another interesting visual element.

Fernando Jorge Parallel Multi Chain Necklace

Closeup of model's neck wearing gold Fernando Jorge Parallel Multi Chain Necklace

Multi-chain necklaces are a great choice for necklace-stacking newbies. These pieces already have a stacked look by design. For an exceptional example of this necklace style, look no further than this polished 18K yellow gold necklace with chains of graduated length from Fernando Jorge. Wear it as-is or pair it with a few chunky chains to add contrast.

Irene Neuwirth Beaded Candy Necklace

This whimsical statement piece from Irene Neuwirth will make you feel like a kid again, and it’s a colorful addition to your layered necklace look. This delightful necklace with 8mm chrysoprase beads and an 18K yellow gold clasp will be the center of attention in your layered necklace look. Give the look some edge by pairing it with a long pendant necklace.

Contact The Loupe to schedule a personal styling consultation if you’re ever stuck on how to layer necklaces or other jewelry.

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