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The Rise of Gender Neutral Jewelry

Gender-specific jewelry may still exist as a construct, but gender-neutral jewelry rules the day! With the move toward progressive thought in the public consciousness, the jewelry industry has seen a rejection of the past restrictiveness of gender-specific jewelry. Over the past year, in particular, high-profile designers have begun to create more gender-neutral jewelry options — a tribute to the tremendous strides being made for the inclusiveness of all genders.

Rewriting the Rules for Jewelry

In the past, cis-gender-male jewelry was limited to watches and understated chains, rings, and an occasional stud earring, but the wall has come down. Celebrities like Harry Styles and Jason Momoa, are known for their iconic styles which include wearing classically feminine pearls or vibrant jewelry. Cuban link chains, traditionally reserved for men, are being marketed toward women for the first time.

This breaking down of gender binaries in jewelry is exemplified by world-renowned designers like Hoorsenbuhs, Milamore, Shamballa Jewels, and many more. Men have become more adventurous in their choice of jewelry, with large gemstone pieces and a more is more approach to styling.

These jewels, previously favored by women, are making inroads into men’s fashion, proving instrumental in breaking down gender barriers. Thanks to the rise of streetwear, men are starting to enjoy greater acceptance when rocking jewelry that was once only associated with women.

Gender Neutral Fashion Looks 

More and more top designers are producing gender-neutral jewelry. Just as gender binaries are becoming irrelevant in the real world, they are increasingly collapsing in the fashion world. In the past, diamonds would have been reserved exclusively for women, but now diamond jewelry pieces are constructed with no gender and all genders in mind. We've rounded up our favorite jewelry for every day and every style.

Huggie Earrings

These can be dressed up or down and layered effectively. Whether worn casually with denim and a T-shirt or paired with a silk blouse, huggie earrings will effortlessly blend into your look. The rise of streetwear has made the casual wearing and layering of earrings popular. Start off with an all-gold huggie or for a more edgy look, huggies with diamond detail.

Pearl Jewelry

We are seeing contemporary designers reimagine pearl jewelry, creating modern pieces that are both timeless yet edgy. From Milamore's pearl 'Kintsugi' hoops to Caroline Ellen's pearl pendants or Shamballa Jewels bracelets, the natural material adds a classic element to your outfit but in a cutting-edge way.

Stacked Rings

Ring stacking is a continuously evolving trend. Mixing metals, scales, and styles, ring stacks are personal and unique to the wearer. From Hoorsenbuhs' tri-link rings to Milamore's 'Kintsugi' rings, curating a ring stack is a personal approach to your everyday jewelry.

    However, you choose to dress up or down your jewelry, remember there is no “wrong” way to wear jewelry.

    Gender Neutral Jewelry Brands & Designers

    As part of The Loupe's curated collection of the top designers, we also have a burgeoning selection of gender-neutral pieces that can help you round out your personal jewelry inventory.


    An American jewelry house based in Los Angeles, Hoorsenbuhs offers some incredible gender-neutral tri-link rings. Take a look at the Hoorsenbuhs Tri-Link Ring - Dame. Handcrafted from 18-karat white gold, this ring is an excellent accent piece for anyone looking to adorn their hands. Wonderfully balanced and subtle, this ring can be layered beautifully with a chic and structured look or with a more casual and relaxed outfit; the choice is yours.

    Additionally, the Hoorsenbuhs 3mm Link Necklace With Pave 5mm Links exemplifies the gender-neutral trend of the modern day. Constructed to be worn by any gender, this 18-karat white gold and white diamond necklace is extremely versatile. If you are looking to stand out for all the right reasons, this necklace is for you.


    NYC-based jewelry brand Milamore is inspired by Japanese tradition and culture. The Milamore’ Kintsugi’ Infinity Diamond Hoop Earrings are a prime example of nonbinary fine jewelry. Made of 18-karat yellow gold, Milamore is breaking down boundaries by offering hoop earrings for men. What’s more, these hoop earrings can be easily layered or worn alone for a contemporary look. The Milamore’ Duo Chain’ Bracelet V, is a stunning innovation in androgynous jewelry. Crafted from both 18-karat yellow and white gold, this Duo Chain bracelet can be layered or worn alone. This is true for many of the pieces available at The Loupe.

    Spinelli Kilcollin

    Handcrafted in Los Angeles using ethically-sourced materials, Spinelli Kilcollin produces some truly showstopping jewelry for everyday wear. The Spinelli Kilcollin 18k Black Gold Nexus Ring is a tour de force of design fortitude, exemplifying the gender-neutral style perfectly. Meticulously constructed from 18-karat black gold and white diamonds, this ring is flashy and refined in all the right ways.

    Shamballa Jewels

    The current lineup of Shamballa Jewels is filled with gender-neutral beaded bracelets. Like this 6mm Beaded Bracelet composed of warm orange and peach tones and sudden with diamond-encrusted beads. Carefully constructed from Mediterranean coral, peach moonstone, orange carnelian, and diamond beads, this bracelet is refined and understated. Perfect for someone who wants to dress well but does not want to appear flashy.

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