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Silvia Furmanovich Trunk Show at The Loupe

Join us Thursday, December 9th through Saturday, December 11th, for a special Holiday Trunk Show featuring Silvia Furmanovich. Shop one-of-a-kind artisan-made jewelry, clutches, and home accessories for a limited time, exclusively at The Loupe.

About Silvia Furmanovich

Since launching her brand over twenty years ago, the internationally acclaimed Brazilian-based designer Silvia Furmanovich has sparked the jewelry and fashion world in awe. Her most notable collection, the Marquetry collection, won several awards from Couture, Town & Country, and the GEM Awards. Born to a line of Italian goldsmiths, Silvia grew up with a trained eye and instilled in her was the importance of high-quality craftsmanship. Her collections are unlike anything else we have seen in jewelry, and we are thrilled to be able to feature Silvia Furmanovich at The Loupe.

Inspired by the natural world around her and her extensive travel, Silvia is a true artist, creating one-of-a-kind wearable works of art that are highly collectible and sought after. In the words of Silvia, her "work is not so much about creating beauty than seeking it out and recognizing the beauty that already exists in all things."

silvia furmanovich jewelry

The Marquetry Technique

The Marquetry Collection was born from a trip to the Amazon forest in Brazil when Silvia came across skilled artisans who had mastered the age-old Marquetry technique. Marquetry is an intricate process of assembling hand-cut wood to create mosaic-like patterns and painted pictures. Silvia's marquetry collection features naturally-colored and salvaged Amazonian wood with semi-precious and precious stones set in 18k gold.

At The Loupe, you will find Marquetry Clutch Bags, Boxes, Earrings, and more. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, featuring inspired designs, intricate patterns, meticulous craftsmanship, and precious stones.

The 'Egypt' Collection

This Holiday Season, we are thrilled to introduce Silvia's newest collection, 'Egypt,' inspired by her trip in 2021. Silvia traveled along the river Nile and explored religious structures, burial chambers, and archeological sites, rich with ancient design and pictorial traditions and ideals. Throughout the collection, you will see techniques like miniature paintings and wood marquetry, Ancient Egyptian talisman symbols like the lotus flower, Eye of Horus, the scarab, and materials like Carnelian and Lapis Lazuli. Silvia even incorporated antique papyrus in a series of unique one-of-a-kind pieces, as seen in these stunning earrings with Garnet set in 18k gold.

The Lotus clutch is exquisitely made from brilliant blue wood with an intricate pattern of blue and yellow lotus flowers and a malachite clasp encased in 18k yellow gold. The lotus flower represents purity, rebirth, and enlightenment throughout many cultures. We love this clutch for an evening out, paired with Marquetry Peacock Earrings, which feature vivid colors and a Kyanite stud top, surrounded by diamond pave and set in 18k gold.

The 'Amazonia Bamboo' Collection

Also new is Silvia's Bamboo Collection, in which the marquetry technique is mixed with Bamboo weaving, a centuries-old technique. During her trip throughout Japan, Silvia became enthralled with bamboo as a material to create crafts and objects, as well as the cultural significance of it as it permeates everyday life. What inspired Silvia most were the artisans who could elevate bamboo objects beyond craft and into art. With characteristics like durability and flexibility, bamboo can be easily manipulated into strong structural concepts by slicing strands to be woven. Through this collection, you will see colorful pieces featuring weaving patterns with semi-precious and precious stones set in 18k gold. Each piece has an artisan-made quality and a unique design.

Visit us at the boutique to see our stunning Bamboo earrings; both are lightweight but give off an extensive look, featuring diamond details and 18k gold.

Holiday Gift Inspiration at our Trunk Show

Silvia's pieces are highly collectible and sought after. We are thrilled to feature her collection exclusively in the Midwest at The Loupe and are excited to show you an expanded collection at our upcoming Holiday Trunk Show. With each piece being a work of art, we'd be happy to curate the perfect gift. Whether you are drawn to pieces featuring botanicals or birds or love her 'Egypt Collection,' a piece by Silvia Furmanovich is something to be treasured, and our collection of Marquetry boxes will make for the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Stop by The Loupe this Thursday through Saturday to shop one-of-a-kind pieces exclusively at The Loupe.

Other Ways to Shop Silvia Furmanovich

In addition to in-store shopping at our trunk show, featuring Silvia Furmanovich, we are happy to offer private appointments with one of our expert stylists before or after business hours.

Schedule an in-home appointment for our clients who prefer an even more exclusive shopping experience where one of our stylists will visit you with a personally curated collection of items for you.

Additionally, we provide personalized styling services and are happy to work with you virtually.

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