Don't Miss the Luis Morais Trunk Show & Personal Appearance

Don't Miss the Luis Morais Trunk Show & Personal Appearance

This Thursday, December 9th, stop by The Loupe for a special visit with Miami-based designer Luis Morais. He will be making a special appearance exclusively at the boutique during his annual holiday trunk show. Starting on Thursday and lasting through the weekend, you can shop an expanded jewelry collection from Luis Morais jewelry.


About the Designer

Brazilian-born and Miami-based designer Luis Morais has been designing jewelry for two decades. It all started in Miami Beach, where Luis recreated a bracelet from an image in a magazine. Immediately, this garnered the interest and attention of many people in the business, sparking the eyes of those around him and ultimately creating a line of handmade bracelets.

To this day, the line has developed and expanded into a complete collection of jewelry with beaded bracelets at the forefront and substantial hardware pieces featuring yellow gold components often detailed with gemstones. Each piece that Luis creates is unique and handmade, drawing inspiration from his surroundings. Throughout the collection, you will see luxurious elements with references to the cultural, natural, historical, and religious worlds and juxtapositions that tie the old to the new, the light to the dark, and the provocative to the playful. With skulls and crosses being a signature for Luis, a casual rock-and-roll vibe permeates the collection, and each piece is luxurious while being vibrant, stylish, and fun to wear.

One thing is for sure: the Luis Morais collection is never for the faint of heart, but rather for the individual who is ever-vibrant and never afraid to push the limits.


The Classics Collection

One way to start your collection of Luis Morias is with one of his cord bracelets. Featuring a gold bead, often embellished with a precious stone, an enameled sentiment or design, these bracelets are minimal yet chic and come on various brightly colored cords, even with an ombre option. The cord bracelets are the perfect option for a subtle yet colorful look and can easily stack with your existing wrist look, whether a timepiece or another bracelet.

For a more luxurious look, Luis Morais has a few iconic pieces to his collection and his aesthetic. One of our favorites is the Pill Bracelet, created by 18k yellow gold pill capsules set with diamonds. This edgy bracelet can be worn on its own or stacked with other beaded or gold Luis pieces. Style it with the Turbo Bracelet for a super chic look, made from flexible 18k yellow gold and polished for a more matte look.

Another element that we love about Luis’s collection is how he incorporates Cabochon stones into his pieces in unique ways, often featuring a double-sided Cabochon bead. We love the all cabochon beaded bracelet with Tiger’s Eye, Lapis, Malachite, and Labradorite with a 14k yellow gold clasp. This bracelet is sure to add a bit of color to your look.

Every piece in the collection is thoughtfully designed, showcasing nature and industrial style elements. Whether you’re shopping for the traditionalist in your life who adores classic and versatile pieces to wear to any event or for the provocative risk-taker, the expansive collection includes something for everyone.


The Ouroborous Collection

This past spring, Luis launched his newest collection, ‘Ouroborous.’ Ouroboros is an ancient symbol that depicts a snake swallowing its tail, representing the concepts of eternity, wholeness, and endless return. Anchoring the collection is the Ouroborous, handcrafted in yellow gold, formed as a ring and a pendant.

There are unique color combinations and never-before-seen beads throughout the collection, and we are thrilled to introduce ‘Ouroborous’ in time for the Fall & Holiday season. In this collection, you’ll see exciting materials like Indian Agate, Aventurine, Jasper, and Amazonite alongside Turquoise, Carnelian, Lapis, Onyx, and Malachite. The collection also introduced new roll and cylinder gold beads with symbols and precious stones, whatever your preference may be.

As for the gold-centric pieces of this collection, there were many new exciting styles like the Cable Bracelet in 18k yellow gold or the Yin Yang pendants with stones. This season, we love the pieces that feature the Roller Ring, either as a ring or worn as a pendant with a bright array of rainbow sapphires. Other interpretations of the snake are seen in the Serpentine Rings, made from 18k yellow gold, with or without diamonds. The Serpentine rings have unique mechanisms allowing each ring to be worn on one finger or across three.


Building your Perfect Stack at our Holiday Trunk Show

We have been lucky to feature Luis Morais at The Loupe for the past few years and are excited to show you even more at our upcoming trunk show. Our stylists love mixing and matching materials, widths, and colors and are eager to help you build your perfect stack. Whether bright and bold or subtle and understated, there is a Luis Morais piece for everyone. We are thrilled to welcome Luis Morais back to The Loupe for our holiday trunk show and can’t wait for you to meet him.

Please stop by The Loupe this Thursday through Saturday to meet Luis Morais and hear about his design process and the inspiration behind each collection. Plus -there is no better stylist than the designer himself!


Other Ways to Shop Luis Morais

In addition to in-store shopping at our trunk show with Luis Morais, we are happy to offer private appointments with one of our expert stylists before or after business hours.

Schedule an in-home appointment for our clients who prefer an even more exclusive shopping experience where one of our stylists will visit you with a personally curated collection of items for you.

Additionally, we provide personalized styling services and are happy to work with you virtually.
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