Irene Neuwirth Jewelry: Find Your Favorite Collections at The Loupe

Irene Neuwirth Jewelry: Find Your Favorite Collections at The Loupe

Irene Neuwirth Trunk Show

The Loupe is thrilled to host an exclusive trunk show featuring Irene Neuwirth jewelry, beginning November 18th and lasting through November 28th. A collection of beautifully bold and bright fall jewelry by Irene will be showcased for a limited time in Minneapolis.

Since establishing her jewelry collection in 2003, Irene has made an impressive splash in the fashion industry. With A-List celebrities adorning her jewels at red carpet events and winning various awards from Town and Country, Wall Street Journal, GEM, and most notably CFDA, Irene Neuwirth has become a household name as a luxury jewelry brand. Based in Los Angeles, Irene Neuwirth is known for creating original fine jewelry with imagination and heart infused with vivid color. Born to a Bohemian artist, Irene’s fascination with art and color was developed at an early age and lies at the forefront of her collection which features whimsical designs that use raw and unique stones.

Irene travels the world in search of the most beautiful and colorful gemstones. Inspired by the natural world and art, she designs each piece, which is then meticulously produced in Los Angeles with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. With iconic designs and vibrant color combinations, Irene Neuwirth’s jewelry is sophisticated, feminine, whimsical, and refined, which makes her one of our most sought-after jewelry designers. Every piece is aspirational and yet approachable and thus ultimately, the collection redefines the way we approach luxury jewelry trends.

The Classics Collection

The Classics collection features flat gold pieces as well as jewelry pieces that showcase a single type of rose-cut or cabochon stone. Whether it be the Four Drop or Nine Drop Earrings in 18k Rose or Yellow Gold, the 5mm Rose Cut Bracelets in Labradorite or Tourmaline, or Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon or Rose Cut Earrings, this fine jewelry collection provides perfect options for effortless everyday staples.

The Gemmy Gem Collection

This Fall, we were thrilled to launch the Gemmy Gem Collection at The Loupe. For Irene, this beautiful gemstone jewelry collection represents “free-spirited beauty, where natural wonders come alive in kaleidoscopic color.” Each piece is like a work of art, featuring one-of-a-kind stones in a range of vibrant and rich colors, expertly hand-crafted with diamond details.

For an earring that can take you from day to night, we love the Two Stone Earrings in Green Tourmaline or in Emerald. These beautiful earrings can be worn alone or paired with their counterparts like the Green Tourmaline Three Stone Ring with diamond set in 18k Yellow Gold or the showstopping Double Pronged Emerald Ring set in 18k Yellow Gold. If you are drawn to warmer hues, we love the Single Stone Pendant, which showcases a vivid Fire Opal suspended from a Rose Cut Diamond. For an even more colorful look, we’re highlighting the One-of-a-Kind Gemmy Gem Bracelet, a playful combination of Fire Opal, Opal, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Emerald, and Beryl, set in 18k Yellow Gold. Stop by The Loupe to explore our stunning assortment of gemstone jewelry in an inspiring range of colors and styles. Whether you are looking to add the perfect pop of color to your everyday jewelry look or shopping for a statement piece for an elegant evening, The Gemmy Gem collection is sure to brighten your holiday season.

The Irene Neuwirth Holiday Trunk Show at The Loupe


In addition to our curated collection of Irene Neuwirth jewelry, you can shop an expanded collection for a limited time at our exclusive Trunk Show from November 18th through the 28th.
We are excited to be showcasing new one-of-a-kind pieces from the Gemmy Gem Collection and beyond. Be sure to stop by to see the showstopping Gemmy Gem Cuff Bracelets with Labradorite or Tourmaline with Diamond Pave. In our opinion, a piece by Irene Neuwirth makes for an absolutely fabulous holiday gift- a timeless collectible that will be treasured forever.

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