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Have a Heart Jewelry Trunk Show at The Loupe

The Loupe Hosts Have a Heart Trunk Show

The Loupe is both proud and honored to host the Have a Heart Trunk Show, a special collaboration by Muse Showroom, featuring a multi-designer collection of charitable charms. Like most of the country, the Minneapolis community of artists has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and the corresponding shutdowns. Even in good times, however, there are many who suffer. When one Minneapolitan hurts, we all do, which is why we have arranged an exciting, fashion-forward trunk show for charity, happening from September 22 to October 9. You are invited to come to see the work of some of the most avant-garde jewelry designers in the world and know that when you buy one of their singular pieces, a percentage of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to NEMAA, the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association. 

MUSE Showroom and Have A Heart Collaboration

We know that most of our clientele is familiar with the New York MUSE x MUSE phenomenon. The Loupe founders Dee and Kiki have long been admirers of their showroom, which meticulously curates collections of the most cutting edge and fashion-forward jewelry designers. The prospect of partnering with such a formidable force in the fashion and jewelry industry to help artists of our city is an opportunity we couldn’t and wouldn’t pass on. 

Have A Heart X MUSE is unsurprisingly the invention of Jennifer Shanker, owner of  MUSE. By working with jewelry designers, they have developed and collaborated on a collection of charms that celebrate the heart. All of the pieces in the Have A Heart collection are designed by top-tier jewelry designers and are either in the form of a heart or a symbol that we all associate with the heart. Even the more esoteric pieces relate to the heart since proceeds go toward worthy causes. 

An Exclusive Anna Maccieri Rossi Pop-up

We’re particularly pleased to be featuring a pop-up event by Have A Heart contributing artist Anna Maccieri Rossi where we will be showcasing her exquisite heart charms and delicately crafted jewelry items. Anna has been involved with the Have A Heart movement for quite some time and her jewelry has not only adorned the necks and wrists of some of the most fashionable collectors, but they’ve also given back to communities all over the world. With a background in Swiss watchmaking, Anna's attention to detail and mechanics, paired with unparalleled craftsmanship and design, make her collection stand out, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce her to Minneapolis.

Featured Designers 

In addition to our special designer showcase, Anna Maccieri Rossi, many of The Loupe’s assemblage of jewelry designers have collaborated with the Have A Heart collection. Some of our featured jewelry designers include: 

  • Sylva + Cie
  • Silvia Furmanovich
  • Nikos Koulis
  • Fernando Jorge
  • Luis Morais
  • Plus, Our Regular Curated Collection of Talented Jewelry Artisans


Proceeds Going to Local Charities

Born in New York, Have A Heart x MUSE has now become a national phenomenon. The profits from these sales have helped support reputable charities like Citymeals on Wheels, Project ALS, and The Jed Foundation, and now they will go toward our local charity, dear to our hearts: The Northeastern Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA). As the fashion industry has continued to thrive under the stewardship of designers and curators, it became apparent to industry leaders like MUSE and The Loupe, and other designer jewelry brands like Anna Maccieri Rossi, Sylvie + Cie, Luis Morais and more, that they were ideally positioned to make a difference — not just in global megalopolises, but also here in the heart of the Midwest. The event here at The Loupe will help struggling artists who are struggling financially in their tireless pursuit to touch the emotional core of humanity.  

How You Can Help Local Charities

The Loupe wants you to attend the Have A Heart Jewelry Trunk Show occurring from September 22 and October 9 and buy a charm, but we recognize that not everyone will be able to go. Here are other ways to support local charities and the artists who have dedicated their time and treasure to these great causes.

Make a Purchase – You don’t have to be at the event to buy a Have A Heart charm. Feel free to make purchases before, during, or after the show. 

Make a Donation – You can donate directly to NEMAA or a local charity of your choice. Every little bit helps, and we don’t need to be involved in the transaction.  

Tell a Friend – Use your social media clarion to give the Have A Heart Jewelry Trunk Show a shoutout. 

Buy Local Art – Even buying an inexpensive piece from a local artist or a print of their original work will help our local artists fund their endeavors, and it will lift their spirits.

Be Kind – If you are able to do nothing else, have a heart and be kind to those who are struggling. It costs nothing, but it can make our community brighter and stronger. 

Still, we do hope that you come out, enjoy a specialty cocktail, peruse the Have A Heart  Trunk Show’s many offerings. Stay tuned for other jewelry events at The Loupe.

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