Jewel Tones of the Summer: What's Trending

Jewel Tones of the Summer: What's Trending

As the warm breezes of summer usher in vibrant hues and playful styles, jewelry trends are following suit with a delightful burst of color. This season, we shine the spotlight on three stunning stones: turquoise, coral, and chrysoprase. Each of these gems brings a unique charm and a splash of color that perfectly complements summer's lively spirit. Let's dive into the allure of these stones and the designers who are making waves with their brilliant creations.

Turquoise: The Stone of the Year?

In the May issue of Town and Country, the question was posed: "Is Turquoise the stone of the year?" adding that "This sacred and exceedingly rare stone, long-prized by Native American cultures and treasured by royals, has indeed been making frequent appearances on the red carpet." We couldn't agree more, finding designers from Irene Neuwirth to Harwell Godfrey highlighting this special stone in their collections. Turquoise's striking blue-green hue is synonymous with summer and its historical significance adds a layer of depth to its beauty.

Irene Neuwirth's 'Tropical Flower' One-of-a-Kind Pink Tourmaline and Turquoise Earrings exemplify this trend beautifully, showcasing her masterful use of turquoise in bold, playful designs that are perfect for the season. 

Also pictured: Irene Neuwirth One-of-a-Kind Turquoise Cabochon Necklace and Harwell Godfrey Mini Moon Turquoise Pendant. 

Coral: Vibrant and Vivacious

Nothing says summer quite like the vibrant hues of coral. This lively stone, in shades ranging from soft pink to deep red, adds a fun and flirty touch to any ensemble.

Sylva & Cie expertly incorporates coral into their designs, creating pieces that are both modern and timeless. Their jewelry often combines coral with other gemstones, resulting in intricate and eye-catching designs that are perfect for the summer season. Sylva & Cie's Coral Drop Earrings highlight this vibrant gem in stunning fashion.


Also pictured: Sylva & Cie Coral Tennis Bracelet.

Chrysoprase: The Symbolic Stone

Chrysoprase, with its lush green color, brings a sense of renewal and vibrancy to any jewelry piece. Known for its healing properties and rich historical significance, this stone is a favorite for those seeking both beauty and meaning in their jewelry.

Harwell Godfrey's Major Scarab Pendant is a perfect example of how chrysoprase can be incorporated into stunning and meaningful designs. This pendant features smooth chrysoprase wings and a faceted green amethyst head, set in 18K yellow gold. The scarab, a symbol of immortality and transformation, adds a rich layer of talismanic meaning to this beautiful piece.

Irene Neuwirth's collection also includes beautiful chrysoprase pieces, adding to her repertoire of colorful and exquisite designs that capture the essence of summer.

Also pictured: Irene Neuwirth Beaded Candy Chrysoprase Necklace, 'Classic' Chrysoprase Pave Halo Ring, and 'Tropical Flower' One-of-a-kind Chrysoprase Earring.

Embrace the Summer Trend

As you update your jewelry collection this summer, consider incorporating these stunning stones. Whether you’re drawn to the historical significance of turquoise, the vibrant energy of coral, or the symbolic allure of chrysoprase, there's a perfect piece waiting for you. And with designers like Irene Neuwirth, Sylva & Cie, and Harwell Godfrey leading the way, you'll find plenty of inspiration to make this summer your most stylish one yet.

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